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  • Weekly Wisdom - Mandated vaccines, herbs that heal, time spent outdoors, quality cleaning supplies, essential oils for the immune system

  • Weekly Wisdom - GMO chocolate, jury rules in second Glyphosate lawsuit, natural home medicine kit, are you unknowingly supporting Monsanto, food labels are lying to you

  • Weekly Wisdom - Natural remedies to keep on hand that can help prevent the common cold and the flu, The Top 10 GMO’s to Recognize and Avoid, 66 All Natural Cleaning Solutions, Are Your Scented Candles Emitting Toxins?, How Healthy is Your Honey?

  • Weekly Wisdom - 5 Reasons to Avoid Microwave Popcorn, Magnesium for Depression, Your Medicine is in Your Pantry, Why Instant Noodles Can Potentially Wreck Your Health, The Miracles of Asparagus.