Have Anxiety? Grab for Natural Remedies!

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Anxiety is about the fear of the future. You are not in the “now”. Anxiety comes from within and without. Anxiety appears differently for everyone minus a few points. For some people it is something they live with all the time and it keeps a low enough profile to be manageable. In some people it might even be what drives them to do better, do more, have more energy to work with or offer more speed. But the result with doing things this way is adrenal fatigue.

For others it might manifest as an inward spiral of fears of how people perceive them, if they are “pretty” enough or if they are “anything” enough. For others it is a fear that everyone is always watching them. The worst of all are those that begin their inner dialogue with the words “what if” all the time. It is exhausting!

Here’s a list of things to do to help you work with getting rid of your anxiousness:

  • Set goals

  • Create a sense of balance

  • Change your self-talk

  • Make real physical changes

  • Exercise

  • Change how you breathe

  • Change your attitude

  • Change what you eat

  • Get decent sleep

Do you watch or engage in activities that result in anxiousness? The more you choose to listen to anxiety producing information, the more you choose to be anxious. Energies of anxiety float around you all the time and when you feel anxious you can attract other’s anxiety. Take stock of your anxiety and decide if it is really your issues or are you taking on other’s issues or even worse… world fears and issues. Take your mind away from anxious thoughts however you can – do the multiplication times in your head or baseball stats or Tiffany’s favorite mantra: Cancel clear, bless the fear, choose again. If you can stop yourself with this mantra and catch yourself in the midst of some anxious or negative thought, it’s really powerful to change a negative thought to a neutral thought into a powerful, supportive thought.

Emotional Issues for Anxiety

Anxiety generates physical symptoms in your body: heart beat increase, blood pressure rises, muscles tense, abdomen tenses. You can create a physiological or hormonal sensitivity to the physical manifestations of anxiety if you don’t learn to control your thoughts and feelings.

Are you feeling insecure, unsupported, helpless to change your situation, focusing on negativity and limitation, wallowing in fear, not trusting the flow of life? If you have anxiety, first look at your emotional issues and start to deal with and work on them.

Then look at what you are eating. You cannot maintain your health if your body does not have the nutrients it needs to keep you balanced on all levels.

Another issue in anxiety is adrenal fatigue. When you are stressed, you keep making your adrenals pump out adrenaline which floods your body. Then you are low on adrenaline because of your constant stress and demand on your adrenals. Try Bach Rescue Remedy when you get anxious, it is amazing for calming you down really quickly.

According to Chinese Medicine two organs are frequently in disharmony in states of anxiety and apprehension. They are the kidneys and the heart. Kidneys hold your fear – inappropriate or excessive fear, lack of self-confidence, sense of apprehension and insecurity. Feelings of unease or worry can be helpful when they motivate you to take positive actions to solve problems. But they can be detrimental if they prevent you from experiencing joy and happiness in your daily life.

Change your Mood with Food

Foods to eat for adrenal fatigue and anxiety include sprouts, asparagus, wild blueberries, bananas, garlic, broccoli, kale, raspberries, blackberries, Romaine lettuce, red skinned apples, avocados, cherries, cranberries, mangoes, lemons, oranges, tangerines, celery, red cabbage, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, leafy greens, potatoes. Herbs to use are cilantro, ginseng, ginkgo, ginger, nettles, lemon balm. Also consider taking probiotics (you will be amazed at how you feel when your gut is healthy!), coconut water, coconut oil or coconut meat.

Herbs are supportive to strengthen and rebuild the nervous system. Check out black cohosh, capsicum, valerian, ginger, white willow, devils’ claw, hops and wood betony. A lovely tea blend to relax the nervous system and rebuild it includes: chamomile, passion flower, hops, fennel, marshmallow and feverfew. (Always check out any warnings on herbs that should not be used when pregnant or nursing or might otherwise interfere.)

It is SO important to choose the right foods and herbs to eat to support your body when you are in a state of anxiousness. Some foods that you DEFINITELY want to AVOID are sugar, sodas, chocolate, white flour products and meat and switch to foods that truly support your body.

Essential Oils

If you have a difficult time soothing anxious feelings, there are essential oils that can help. Many essential oils high in the chemical constituent linalool are well known for their ability to reduce sad and anxious feelings. Lavender is high in linalool and when taken internally is reported to reduce anxious feelings. Its calming aroma can also help cut through feelings of stress and promote relaxation.

As our regular listeners know, Tiffany has been a doTERRA wellness advocate since 2014 and so her first line defense is always essential oils. The doTerra Balance blend creates a sense of calm and well-being. The Balance blends includes grounding wood oils with Frankincense and Blue Tansy. Blue Tansy’s scent helps uplift mood, while Frankincense promotes feelings of peace and relaxation. The Balance blend is a powerful tool for countering cycles of worry and fear. Apply it to your wrists or neck to ease anxious feelings.

doTERRA’s Cheer is another helpful essential oil product for anxious feelings. This blend was designed to counteract negative emotions while promoting feelings of optimism. Cedarwood is another essential oil that can be very helpful. It has a calming and relaxing aroma that can be used to evoke feelings of wellness and soothe worry.

Candace has also done some extensive research on using aromatherapy essential oils that are wonderful for anxiety. A great resource is the book Aromatherapy for Healing the Spirit by Gabriel Mojay. In his book, Gabriel shares that oils for apprehension are: thyme, juniper berry, and cypress. Oils for fear are: thyme (for fear of external or known cause), juniper for timidity and retreat, cedarwood for inward fear of collapse, cypress for dread of a hidden or unknown origin. For anxiety connected to energetic imbalance of the heart use geranium oil as it calms nervous anxiety or vetiver which has similar use to geranium and also restores a sense of rooted stability to those who are anxious, rose oil and palmarosa oil for those who have deep anxiety, fear, insecurity; jasmine oil for calming, uplifting and is good used with anxiety alternating with feelings of depression; ylang ylang oil is better for sedating when extremely restless and have a racing mind. Lavender and melissa oils are comfort to the mind for those who feel oppressed and suffocated for anxiety compounded by sense of emotional confusion or a feeling of not knowing where to turn.

Our society tends to medicate at the first signs of extended anxiousness and that only masks the symptoms but does not get down to the root of the cause of anxiety. As Susun Weed suggests, we personally follow the path of trying other natural choices first and we hope that you will think about taking control of your wellness and find natural choices that work for you.

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