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january 20, 2019

The premiere episode of Healing Life Wisdom Radio featured guests Candace Liccione, Julianna “Jewels” Avelar and Starr Hall Egan. Topics include: Book discussion Liver Rescue by Anthony William, Essential Oil Basics, Finding Your Soul Purpose and Breaking Old Patterns. Run time: 1 hr. 27 mins.

Lavender Essential Oil doTerra

february 6, 2019

GUEST: Julianna Jewels Avelar

TOPIC: Lavender Essential Oil

Podcast run time: 21 mins.

Glass of water rawpixel-687066-unsplash.jpg

february 17, 2019

GUEST: Candace Liccione

TOPIC: Fluoride: What’s In Our Water?

Podcast run time: 36 mins.

Change ross-findon-303091-unsplash.jpg

march 10, 2019

GUEST: Candace Liccione

TOPIC: Ten Step Plan to Changing Your Life

Podcast run time: 55 mins

The Secret Language of Your Body Book Cover.jpg

january 27, 2019

This episode’s featured guests are Candace Liccione and Julianna “Jewels” Avelar. Topics include: Book discussion The Secret Language of Your Body by Inna Segal, Frankincense Essential Oil, Artificial Sweeteners. Run Time: 1 hr. 27 mins.

Rose touch doTerra.jpg

february 7, 2019

GUEST: Tiffany Windsor

TOPIC: Essential Oils: Steam Distillation & Expression

Podcast run time: 7 mins.

Middle of the Night Wake Up alexandra-gorn-471463-unsplash.jpg

FEBRUARY 24, 2019

GUEST: Candace Liccione

TOPIC: Middle of the night wake up calls and how your body is talking to you.

Podcast run time: 43 mins

Food Labels daria-volkova-1245973-unsplash.jpg

february 3, 2019

GUEST: Candace Liccione

TOPIC: The importance of reading food labels

Podcast run time: 14 mins.


february 10, 2019

GUEST: Candace Liccione

TOPIC: Is Healthy Food Expensive?

Podcast run time: 34 mins.

Alternatives to western medicine katherine-hanlon-242211-unsplash.jpg

march 3, 2019

GUEST: Candace Liccione

TOPIC: Natural alternatives to western medicine.

Podcast run time: 48 mins

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