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Featured: Liver Rescue by Anthony William Book Discussion, Basics of Essential Oils, Breaking Old Patterns


Healing Life Wisdom Radio Show
Sunday, January 20, 2019
Season 1 Episode 1

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Segment 1 Guest: Candace Liccione

  • Liver Rescue by Anthony William - book discussion on one of the hottest selling books on Amazon.


Segment 2 Guest: Julianna “Jewels” Avelar

  • Essential Oils - discussion on how essential oils can bring you to new levels of wellness


Segment 3 Guest: Starr Hall-Egan talks about finding and living your soul's purpose sharing what started her on discovering her own soul purpose


Segment 4 Guest: Candace Liccione

  • Breaking Old Patterns - sharing tips on how to break old patterns that may be holding you back and ruining relationships.


Segment 5: Roundtable discussion with all guests and live caller questions